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Thorough commentary on mountain climbing in Ishigaki City

Ishigaki Private Tour


"I want to experience Ishigaki Island to the fullest without worrying about the surroundings"
"I want to go to a place not listed in the guidebook"
"I like Okinawan music, so I want to hear it."
"I want to know the recommendations of local people"
"I want to have fun with my children"


Ishigaki Island Private Tour created based on the characteristics of Ishigaki Island. We hope that the new options of sightseeing and entertainment will make the precious time you spend on Ishigaki Island meaningful.

To the south from Ishigaki Island, there are a lot of islands. These islands, including Ishigaki Island, such as Taketomi Island, which retains the good old townscape, and Iriomote Island, which retains nature and is famous for Iriomote cats, are collectively called the Yaeyama Islands. I will.

Each island in the Yaeyama Islands is rich in individuality and is full of charm with different atmospheres. Ishigaki Island has the individuality of being an "island where the culture of the Yaeyama Islands is concentrated", where most of the population of the Yaeyama Islands lives and public and commercial facilities are gathered.

The Yaeyama Islands are located about 400 km away from the main island of Okinawa across the sea, so even though they are the same Okinawa, their culture is very different from that of the main island of Okinawa.

* Approximately 400 km between Tokyo and Osaka


Okinawan folk songs and Yaeyama folk songs are different genres of music. From more than 600 years ago to today, more than 200 songs of Yaeyama folk songs have been handed down, and have influenced Ryukyu classical music (court music of the Ryukyu dynasty).




The area of ​​Ishigaki Island is about 223 km², and the area of ​​Tokyo's 23 wards is about 628 km². Comparing these two areas, Ishigaki Island is about one-third the area of ​​Tokyo's 23 wards.


The population of the Yaeyama Islands is about 53,000, and about 90% live in the southern part of Ishigaki Island. Except for the southern part (urban area), nature such as places designated as national parks is left.



Mt. Omoto, which is located in the center of the island, blindfolds you, so you can enjoy different views of Ishigaki Island in the north, south, east and west.



Surrounding Mt. Omoto, there are small mountains of about 200 to 300 m, and there are no tall buildings on the island, so you can enjoy a magnificent view from each mountain.



Ishigaki Island has a major feature that the city and nature are separated.




Ishigaki Island has an airport and a port that crosses each island, so it serves as a gateway to the Yaeyama Islands. Since the roads are maintained throughout the island, it is possible to move by car, and many people who are visiting Ishigaki Island for the first time say, "It's a bigger island than I expected." Ishigaki Island is about 110 km around, and it takes about 3 hours to drive a car non-stop.

Since the island is close to the sea and mountains, there are various activities for each.



There are observatories, sightseeing spots, and places where nature remains on the island, so it is an environment where it is easy to experience the nature peculiar to the southern country according to each request.



Ishigaki Island, the island the guru Innovation could spin around roads and crossing, because there is a road or the like which can be vertical, can move the entire island with a car, leave and almost for no signal natural spread southern part, where the running Will be the best drive.




Ishigaki Island Private Tour is a chartered plan. We will guide you only for one group, so you can go sightseeing only where you want to go at your favorite time.



We have set a basic tour time, but reservations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, so if there is a vacancy in the reservation status, you can change or extend the time.




You can fine-tune the time as well as adjust from sunrise to the starry sky.



Please feel free to contact us if you would like to change or extend the tour time. If you tell us in advance the sightseeing spots, restaurants, images, etc. you would like to visit, we will propose recommendations and efficient processes according to your wishes. Your request may be rough. On the day of the tour, it is possible to change the tour itinerary according to the unseasonable weather, local conditions, and the pace of the customer.

You can check the suggestions on how to play Utakuna Ishigakijima from the link below.

Each recommended course / point




Ishigaki Island Private Tour is available for transportation throughout Ishigaki Island. You can specify a convenient pick-up location such as an airport, port, or accommodation. During the tour, we basically use a 10-seater shuttle car so that you can pick up and drop off at the restaurant of your choice when you include a meal, as well as a superb view point that passes through a path that can not be entered by a large bus from a tourist attraction. , You can have a conversation with the guide.



Since we will explain using a microphone in the car, you can answer questions and curiosity immediately, and you can enjoy it from those who visit Ishigaki Island for the first time to repeaters who have visited many times.


On the island, you can see not only sunrise and sunset, but also moonrise and moonset moments, through conversations on the move until you reach each point, such as the ebb and flow of the moon, the ebb and flow of the sea, and astronomical phenomena. , We may be able to propose new experiences for our customers.




Okinawa was the Ryukyu Kingdom before it became Japan. At that time, the Yaeyama Islands were under the rule of the Ryukyu Kingdom, and due to the history of being forced to make heavy annual tribute, work songs were sung mainly.

People in the old days sang their lives, and they have been handed down to this day. History, culture, and life that can be unraveled from music. It is the tone that makes you realize the charm behind the beautiful scenery, and you can feel the nature and culture of the Yaeyama Islands more deeply through music.

In this tour, we will take a detour during the tour and introduce folk songs that surround the scenery you can see in the quiet nature, along with the sound of the Sanshin.
* Sanshin: Okinawan traditional musical instrument



One or two folk songs introduced in this tour will stand out more in nature. Yaeyama folk songs have been loved in nature for a long time, so it may be natural to combine them with the sounds of nature. This is an entertainment tour where you can experience the Yaeyama Islands with all five senses.

Sightseeing and entertainment are based on safety and security. You can enjoy Ishigaki Island by avoiding the risk of injury or accident in advance, such as collecting information, equipment, emergency equipment, insurance, and tour guides.

Ishigaki Island Private Tour created based on the characteristics of Ishigaki Island. We hope that the new options of sightseeing and entertainment will make the precious time you spend on Ishigaki Island meaningful.

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