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Thorough commentary on mountain climbing in Ishigaki

How to enjoy mountain climbing on Ishigaki Island


"What kind of clothes are best?"
"What do you need to bring?"
"Are there any dangerous creatures?"

On Ishigaki Island, you can enjoy the scenery of the overlapping mountains.


The atmosphere of Ishigaki Island is different from that of the main island of Okinawa. The magnificent nature spreads and the culture of Japan's southernmost islands is concentrated. 

Ishigaki Island Private Tour created based on the characteristics of Ishigaki Island. We hope that the new options of sightseeing and entertainment will make the precious time you spend on Ishigaki Island meaningful.




On Ishigaki Island, there is Mt. Omoto, the highest mountain in Okinawa Prefecture, at an altitude of 526m. Mt. Omoto is located in the center of Ishigaki Island.


Since Mt. Omoto is a blindfold, you can enjoy different scenery from north, south, east and west on Ishigaki Island.


The three mountains of Ishigaki Island that we recommend are spaces where the sunlight through the trees is comfortable and the sounds of nature spread.



The scenery seen from the summit is different for each mountain, and the unique charm is concentrated.

The white moon, the gentle sounds of nature, and the scent that you can see in the daytime change your mind every day, and when you encounter the power and delicacy, it will be a memory that will last a lifetime.


Click here for the three mountains recommended by Utakuna Ishigakijima



The ultraviolet rays of Ishigaki Island are stronger than those of Honshu. The Tropic of Cancer-Military Line has a lot to do with this.

The equator is the path through which the sun passes on the spring and autumn equinox days, while the Tropic of Cancer-Military Line is the path through which the sun passes at the summer solstice. Ishigaki Island is 24 degrees north latitude and the Tropic of Cancer is 23 degrees north latitude, which is very close to the Tropic of Cancer, so at the summer solstice, the sun passes almost directly above so that your shadow can be placed directly below.

Also, even if the weather is nice and sunny, it often rains suddenly, so clothes should be quick-drying, highly breathable, and exposed skin in consideration of rain, sunburn, heat stroke, insect bites, and getting wet. Coordination is recommended. Considering that the trail on Ishigaki Island is so narrow that the leaves rub against your skin, it is comfortable to wear shorts on the top and leisure leggings on the bottom.


The best footwear is sneakers that you are familiar with.



The mountain trails on Ishigaki Island are red soil, and there are many places with steep slopes, and rocky areas and tree roots are conspicuous.



Red soil is clayey and has poor drainage, so if it rains the day before or on the day, a puddle will form.


If there are rocks, tree roots, or asphalt in such mud, it will be very slippery, so be careful.

Sneakers are made to be relatively slip-resistant not only on asphalt but also on uneven surfaces such as rocks and tree roots. If you are comfortable wearing it, you do not have to worry about rubbing your shoes. When the mountain trail is muddy, the red soil gets quite dirty up to the knees, so if you want to avoid getting dirty, rain boots are also recommended.


Trekking shoes are specialized for mountain roads, and slips on asphalt and rocks are conspicuous. Among trekking shoes, if it is processed so that it does not slip even on wet roads, it seems that it is compatible with the mountain climbing scene of Ishigaki Island.



When climbing on Ishigaki Island, there are many occasions when you grab something, so it is recommended to wear gloves.


When people wear gloves, they tend to unknowingly come into contact with nature such as plants. The more you touch nature, the more information you receive from nature, and the more you touch it, the more you will discover new wonders and discoveries, and you will be able to enjoy the nature experience even more.



On the mountain trail, you can see a place where a rope indicating the mountain climbing route is hung on a tree, but the tree on which the rope is hung may fall down due to a typhoon and the rope may be slack. In some cases, when a few people are climbing a mountain, when a person behind him pulls the rope, the pulled rope hits the person in front and the balance is lost.


If you want to grab something, such as when climbing a high place while climbing, it is more stable to grab a self-supporting tree instead of a rope. When grabbing a tree, allow yourself some time to check for insects and other creatures.

Click here for the equipment available at Utakuna Ishigakijima



As much as you pay attention to your feet while climbing, be careful overhead. In the forest, there are tree branches near overhead.
It is recommended that you do not wear a hat in the woods, but bring it with you and wear it after you reach the summit so that you can easily see your head. If you want to wear a hat even in the woods, why not wear the cap backwards?


The mountains of Ishigaki Island are basically poorly maintained places. Some rocks on the trail may not be stable and there are no fences on the summit. If you have a lot of things to bring, such as a hat, camera, or drink, it is important to put them in a backpack so that you can use both hands freely so that you can get your hands out when something happens.



If you prepare for sudden rain to be regarded as "one attraction" and have a margin, you can enjoy the nature experience more.



The nature experience depends on the weather, so be sure to check the weather forecast before climbing a mountain. The mountain trails on Ishigaki Island are poorly drained and slippery. It depends on the amount of rainfall, but basically, if it rains the day before or on the day of mountain climbing, it can be predicted that the scaffolding will be very slippery, so it is necessary to take measures.



Be careful of strong winds and lightning at the top of the mountain with a good view, "open place". You can easily check the weather warnings and warnings online, so check them in advance along with the weather forecast.



Ishigaki Island is home to many diverse creatures, but basically no creatures target people and cause great damage.


However, creatures in the natural world are wary of humans approaching. And when you feel a crisis, you chew, poke, etc. as a "defense reaction". In order to enjoy nature experience, it is important to know that you have a margin in the distance from natural creatures.


You can see your feet on mountain trails and forest roads, so if you find a creature, gently give way or keep a distance from the creature. It is dangerous to go off the mountain trail and enter a place where you cannot see your feet, such as grass, because you are more likely to approach the creature without noticing it.

On a mountain trail with a steep slope, it is assumed that you will climb while grasping the branches of the tree with your hands, but when grasping the branches of the tree, make sure that there are no creatures such as insects before you have enough time to grasp it. ..

Activities are based on safety and security. You can enjoy mountain climbing on Ishigaki Island by avoiding the risk of injury or accident in advance, such as collecting information, equipment, emergency equipment, insurance, and tour guides.

We hope that this page will be useful information for those who are interested in climbing mountains on Ishigaki Island.

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