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Q. Is there a pick-up service?

A. Accommodations located between Ishigaki Port Remote Island Terminal and Nagura Village are eligible. We do not pick up and drop off at Ishigaki Airport. If you participate from outside the range of the transfer, the Ishigaki Port remote island terminal will basically be the transfer point. Please contact us for details.


Q. What happens if the weather gets worse on the day?

A. 45 minutes before the pick-up time, we will make a final judgment on the weather here and will call you in case of unseasonable weather. In this way, it is possible that the weather will change on the day of the event, so please be prepared to answer the phone at around 7:45 for the morning tour and around 12:45 for the afternoon tour.



Q. I am new to trekking, I am worried about my physical strength, and I have infants, is that okay?

A. We have had many opportunities to guide people who are new to trekking, but we will do our best to reflect the wishes of our customers in the tour, so we will not overdo it. This is also recommended as the all-you-can-eat tour is reserved for all you want to go.



Q. My child is still in elementary school, is that okay?

A. If you are a younger child, how about the Yarab Peninsula course? In this course, the youngest person to climb the summit with his own feet was a girl in the first grade of elementary school, and at the summit, she said, "I was scared of the forest, but this is the first time I saw this scenery!" There is also a 3-year-old girl who climbed the summit while holding hands with her father. Children who are comfortable with nature experiences can fully enjoy it. On mountain trails, children are often faster than adults ... (laughs).



Q. What should I wear?・ What should I do with equipment and shoes?

A. It may rub against the leaves, so it is recommended to wear thin long sleeves and long pants even in the summer. Sneakers that you are familiar with are the best for your feet. If you need rain shoes, we will rent them for free.



Q. Do you have a toilet?

A. There is no toilet when you enter the forest road or the beach, so basically please complete it in advance before joining the tour.



Q. What should I prepare for my belongings?

A. If you need it, bring drinks, change of clothes, and sandals. From May to December, the temperature is high and the sun is strong, so it's a good idea to have a sweat towel or sunscreen. If you wish to borrow rain shoes, you can gather in sandals. In that case, we will ask you for the size in advance.



Q. I heard that the weather is bad in winter, but is it actually?

A. There are fewer sunny days than in the summer, but the scenery from the top of each course is very good, and it is quite spectacular even in cloudy weather. It may be easier and more comfortable to have some clouds.
In addition, some people feel that Ishigaki Island in winter is unexpectedly cold. Please bring a windbreaker if necessary.



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