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◆ Worcation that even families can spend with peace of mind (Ishigaki Island unraveling from folk songs)

Lower application plan to spend safely in the family, the "Disclose Ishigaki from the folk song" as a concept, who has been the object of folk experience it will be based on the beginner. In the folk song experience, not only the lessons performed face-to-face with the instructor, but also videos are available, so you can watch the lesson videos at your own pace, before and after the trip, at your own pace. I will. If you can play it, a concert on the beach of a quiet coral reef related to the folk songs of Ishigaki Island is also good, Iriomote Ishigaki National Park is also good, and you can carry the sanshin on your back and create a memorable time. It is a plan that both those who work and those who do not can enjoy Ishigaki Island together.

◆ Plan: Worcation 


Older people sang their lives. There is history and culture that can be unraveled from folk songs. By participating in activities through folk songs, you can get to know the area more deeply. For the folk song experience, we also rent a sanshin, a traditional Okinawan musical instrument. We have prepared a variety of content that can be enjoyed by children only or adults only. "Children" "Mothers and children" In the free time of work, "the whole family" can be combined in various ways, so even the family can spend time with peace of mind. Since the content includes nature experience and transportation, you can select your desired transportation location such as airport, port, accommodation, etc., and you can streamline your important travel time. .. If you choose from 4 contents, we will guide you to the condensed island time coordinated by the local guide.

* You can check the details of your Worcation accommodation from the link below.

Location link

● Fee:

* 45% OFF after the 6th day
* Prices outside the tour (accommodation fee and food and drink fee) are not included.
* Each content is valid only once a day. Please select from each content column and let us know your wishes in advance. * Since we use a 10-seater shuttle car, depending on the number of participants and the combination of customers (infectious disease countermeasures)
We may guide you by dividing the shuttle car into several cars.
* If you wish to make a reservation for 5 people or less, the reception will be accepted up to 15 days before the desired tour date.
If you wish to make a reservation for 6 people or more, we will accept it up to 30 days in advance.
* You can watch the Sanshin classroom training video after making a reservation.

1. "Folk song experience for beginners-touching the sanshin-"


Time required: 30-90 minutes

After booking the worcation plan, we will tell you the URL of the training video.
You can watch the training videos before and after the trip.

Under 9 years old, the content is to sing Yaeyama folk songs together with the sanshin played by the instructor.
Those over 10 years old play one Yaeyama folk song using the sanshin.
If you improve quickly, aim for a level where you can play while singing.

Face-to-face lessons with the instructor can be held by children alone if they are 4 years old or older.
* There is an upper limit on the number of people

You can check the training videos from the URL below.

Online Sanshin Classroom-Experience x Community-



2. "Ishigaki Island Private Tour-Sightseeing x Entertainment-"


Time required: 3-6 hours

Since we can pick you up from all over Ishigaki Island, you can pick up at the airport, port, or accommodation and go sightseeing as it is.
Ask in advance what you want to see, such as the place and atmosphere you want to go to,
The content is to visit only the places you want to go, from sightseeing spots to hidden spots.

Those who use wheelchairs or who wish to climb mountains, etc.
You can experience nature on Ishigaki Island according to the physical strength and interests of the participants.
We will take a short detour along the way and perform live folk songs related to the scenery you can see.

You can check the details of Ishigaki Island Private Tour from the link below.

Ishigaki Island Private Tour-Sightseeing x Entertainment-

About the charm of Mt. Yarab

About the charm of Mape

About the charm of Maetake


3. "Handmade lamp experience -Beach clean & combing-"


Collect materials in the sea and forest while cleaning the beach.
We will make a lamp using the collected materials and the materials we have prepared.
This lamp was devised to learn "how to use light that is kind to both humans and nature".
It is a content to create art while learning about nature maintenance.
The handmade lamp experience can be held only for children (10 years old and over).
* There is an upper limit on the number of people

4. "Shanishani Starry Sky Tour"


Ishigakijima Beach Hotel Sunshine is working on
We will tour the facility design to see the starry sky beautifully and guide you to the starry sky tour.
Through the starry sky tour, you can experience how to use light that is kind to humans and nature.

You can check the Shanishani Starry Sky Tour from the link below.

About the starry sky tour




● Fee:

Group of up to 3 people [2 days] 120,000 yen [3 days] 126,000 yen 30% OFF
[4 days] 156,000 yen 35% OFF
[5 days] 180,000 yen 40% OFF
[6 days] 198,000 yen 45% OFF
* The preferential price is converted at 60,000 yen a day.

Group of up to 5 people [2 days] 140,000 yen [3 days] 147,000 yen 30% OFF
[4 days] 182,000 yen 35% OFF
[5 days] 210,000 yen 40% OFF
[6 days] 240,000 yen 45% OFF
* The preferential price is converted at 70,000 yen a day.

Group of up to 10 people [2 days] 200,000 yen [3 days] 210,000 yen 30% OFF
[4 days] 260,000 yen 35% OFF
[5 days] 300,000 yen 40% OFF
[6 days] 330,000 yen 45% OFF
* The preferential price is converted at 100,000 yen a day.

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