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where you want to go

◆ Unlimited packing only where you want to go (chartered x made to order)  

A custom-made tour recommended for those who want to let their children experience the nature of Ishigaki Island to the fullest, and want to go to places that only locals know that are not listed in the guidebook. We will create an original course by asking in advance the points you want to see and the atmosphere of your trip. We will charter a car for 10 people, so it is a plan that can be enjoyed by everyone from infants to those who like maniac travel. Airport transfers are also available.

◆ Plan: All-you-can-eat tour

"I want to take a special trip to Ishigaki Island with a loved one, experience what I want, and bring back a lot of memories!" "What kind of play can small children do? I'm not confident in driving even if I say car rental sightseeing. 


②ヤラブ岳 or マーペー ・ パノラマコース

木陰のベンチで民謡をご紹介 ➡︎ ヤラブ岳トレッキング(片道約10分) or マーペー(国立公園)トレッキング(片道約20分)➡︎ ランチ ➡︎ 景勝地へ




◆半日プラン(~4時間) モデルコース 

羽をのばす ・ スローアクティブコース
森の東屋で民謡をご紹介 ➡︎ 景勝地へ


● Time: <One-day course> 9: 30-15: 30 6 hours ● Price: Adult 1 person 15,000 yen 2 people 14,000 yen 3 people 13,000 yen ・ ・ ・ 6 people or more 10,000 yen
Children (6 to 12 years old) 1 person 11,000 yen 2 people or more 10,000 yen Infants (5 years old or younger) 500 yen

* Half-day course (11,000 yen for 1 person, 10,000 yen for 2 people ...) is also available.

(Including transportation, tour insurance, equipment rental * Lunch and other food and drink charges are not included)


* Please note that payment is only in cash.
* Please adhere to the pick-up time.
* If the weather is unseasonable, we will make a final judgment on the weather and call you one hour before the pick-up time.
* Tour contents may change depending on the season, weather, and customer's request.
* Please cooperate in smoking cessation during the tour.

[About equipment rental]
* Gloves, rain shoes, socks, raincoat




※小学生以下のお子様は、保護者の同伴をお願いします。 また、お子様連れで山のぼりをツアーの行程に含む場合、お子様2名につき保護者1名でご参加下さい。




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