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Thorough commentary on mountain climbing in Ishigaki City

The charm of Mt. Yarab


"What kind of scenery is Mt. Yarab?"
"How many minutes do you climb?"
"What kind of road is it?"

Overlooking the islands surrounded by one of the best seas in the world, sometimes Yarabdake is welcomed by tropical animals. In recent years,.


The good view and the convenience of being able to drive to the top of the mountain are the attractions of the mountains of Ishigaki Island.


On this page, we will focus on Mt. Yarab from among the many tourist destinations on Ishigaki Island and give a thorough explanation.




Yarabdake, a mountain located on Ishigaki Island, is 216m above sea level. Since there are no tall buildings on the island, there are many hills with a good view.



Ishigaki Island is located about 400 km away from Naha City (prefectural office location) on the main island of Okinawa. 



The image of Ishigaki Island as the sea of ​​coral reefs has become established among many people. In addition, Ishigaki Island is dotted with many mountains, centering on Mt. Omoto, which is the highest mountain in Okinawa Prefecture at an altitude of 526 m, and in recent years, the mountains have also become spots. I am.




To the south of Ishigaki Island, there are many islands such as Taketomi Island, Iriomote Island, and Hateruma Island. These islands with Ishigaki Island .



Ishigaki Island is dotted with small mountains that surround Mt. Omoto, the highest peak in Okinawa Prefecture, located in the center of the island. Since Mt. Omoto blindfolds you, you can enjoy different scenery from north, south, east and west on Ishigaki Island.



Surrounded by one of the best coral reefs in the world, Ishigaki Island has become known as one of Japan's leading resort islands. The view from the top of the mountain is a unique attraction of Ishigaki Island.

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The summit of Mt. Yarab is a rocky area with few plants that block the view, so you can enjoy a magnificent view. In one corner of the rocky area with a good view, there is a uniquely shaped rock that protrudes right beside. Seeing this uniquely shaped rock seems to stir up various imaginations. "Like the tongue of a Norwegian troll," "like an eel," etc. When I stand on the rock that sticks out right next to me, the scene of Son Goku's "OK, let's go! Kintoun !!" comes across my head.


Of course, the rocky area at the summit of Mt. Yarab is a natural product. Once upon a time, when a volcano erupted, it was derived from magma that suddenly cooled and solidified.

Located in the western part of Ishigaki Island, Mt. Yarab was an independent island about 1.3 million years ago. Considering what has passed through a long history to the present, I feel a dynamic history.


There are two climbing courses on Mt. Yarab. There is a course to climb from the foot of the mountain and a short course to climb from the vicinity of the summit. The course to climb from the foot of the mountain can be reached in about 1 hour one way. The short course can be reached at a slow pace with a one-way climb of about 10 minutes. The two courses are different routes that do not intersect to the summit.

Both courses are not the well-maintained mountain trails of Honshu, but the image of climbing a forest beast trail where plants are densely packed. On the way to the top of the mountain, the road is narrow enough to rub against the leaves, and the overhead is covered with plants.


Like the uniquely shaped rocks on the summit of Mt. Yarab, such as "Kemono-michi", "Ghibli-like", "Green tunnel", and "Dinosaurs are likely to come out", the mountain trail seems to bring out various imaginations. You can't see the scenery from the forest-covered mountain trail. This will be a good production, and you will be deeply moved when you see the scenery of the mountaintop.




You can drive to the entrance of the Yarabudake mountain trail short course because the forest road is well maintained.


It takes about 10 minutes to drive slowly from the foot of Mt. Yarab to the entrance to the short course. There are parking spaces for a few cars around the entrance to the short course trail.


Like the mountain trails, the forest roads maintained in the mountains are covered with trees, so you can't see the scenery, but depending on the time of day and the flow of clouds, the sunlight through the trees is a comfortable space. Since the distance from the city of Ishigaki Island to Mt. Yarabu is far, the Yarabu forest road is basically a place where you can feel the realism of nature without hearing artificial sounds.



However, the width of the road is just enough for cars to pass each other, and there is no lid on the gutter on the side of the road. Also, animals may pop out. Please pay attention to driving and enjoy encountering natural monument animals and plants from the train window.



Yarabudake has a short course climbing route, so it is a place where you can easily enjoy yourself. Many children in the Yaeyama Islands are naturally comfortable and use their limbs as well as in a jungle gym, and climb on their own feet from around the age of three. However, there are many people who are training around the age of 60 and are not good at climbing steps, although flat roads are okay. It depends on the physical strength of the individual, but if you dare to say it, the target age for climbing the Yarabudake Short Course is 3 to 60 years old. It is better to think that the mountain trails of the Yaeyama Islands are generally poorly maintained. Since the Yarabudake mountain trail is a steep slope, please make a judgment considering your physical strength, especially when the weather is unseasonable.



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Mt. Yarab is a mountain that can be climbed in 10 minutes, so you can climb it at sunrise. In addition, since Mt. Yarab is located in the westernmost part of Ishigaki Island, the Yarab Peninsula, there are spots with beautiful sunsets on the Yarab Peninsula. If you organize the process in consideration of the time of day and place, you can enjoy many ways in this peninsula alone.




The Sakieda village, which has a history of about 400 years, is located on the Yarab Peninsula, and the folk songs that have been handed down in this village are still known as standard songs for celebrations.


People in the old days sang their lives, and people face each other and are handed down. The history, culture, and timbre that can be unraveled from folk songs make you realize the charm behind the beautiful scenery.


The charm of the small peninsula, which is about 15 kilometers around, is condensed. Experience the beautiful nature and culture of the Yarab Peninsula and it will be an unforgettable time of your life.




Activities are based on safety and security. You can enjoy climbing Mt. Yarab by avoiding the risk of injury or accident in advance by collecting information, equipment, emergency equipment, insurance, tour guide, etc. We hope that having a new option of climbing a mountain on Ishigaki Island will make your time on Ishigaki Island meaningful.


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