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Starry sky tour

★ Starry sky tour

A starry sky tour is being held at the hideaway resort hotel "Ishigakijima Beach Hotel Sunshine", which is a 15-minute drive from the city center.
You can experience the special starry sky of Ishigaki Island in a private space created just to see the starry sky. (Participation by non-guests is also welcome!) * There is no Sanshin performance.

★ Plan: Shanishani Starry Sky Tour



The starry sky on Ishigaki Island is so full of 360-degree stars that it is said that there are too many stars to understand! If we could connect the moving stars with a line just by looking up, the world of the night sky would expand even more.

"Shanishani Starry Sky Tour" is a tour that guides you through the special starry sky of Ishigaki Island in a space created just to see the stars on the premises of "Ishigaki Island Beach Hotel Sunshine". Non-guests can also feel free to join us.

● Dates: Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday (There are other special events)
● Time: April 1st-September 30th 20: 30-21: 15, October 1st-March 31st 20: 00-20: 45 ● Location: Ishigakijima Beach Hotel Sunshine
Click here for details
● Fee: Adults 2,750 yen Children 2,200 yen Infants (5 years old and under) free


* If the weather is unfortunate and you have to cancel the tour, we will contact you by phone at least 1 hour before the tour start time.
* We do not pick up and drop off. Please gather at Ishigakijima Beach Hotel Sunshine Front by yourself.




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